Talking European Crisis (Bankas and Politos fight the big war)

Bankas and politos fight the big war.
It’s not the war on terror but the war on us all.
Banka-polito world, I say, is not human,
is a greed and software based world of cruel oppression,
is a world of cheap labour and sell-out slavery.

Genocide and torture are the end of the road
that begins with austerity and big bail out money
to make the rich richer and the less rich poor
and the poor poorer and void of liberty.
Be it Europe or the whole world: It’s the wrong road.

Bankas and politos fight the big war.
Bankas are united in their global greed system
and can be active everywhere.
Politos have big weapons but are limited to nations.
That’s why politos lose their battles with the bankas
and we, the people, are cheated by both of them.

But our future is strong with the young dream,
is a love based world of total liberty,
is a world that cares for all humanity.
The European crisis is no crisis at all
if we follow the true way, hear the unity call.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany