Talking Love And Unity For A Small Planet

Come gather ‘round people for a journey of us all
to a small planet where things sometimes tend to go wrong.
But now I’m a-talkin’ of the victory day
of love and unity and their revolution way.

For love and unity our souls are born
and love and unity with us to a small planet have come.
Love and unity are the powers of the new and the young
and it is for them that I sing my song.

Growing old in the dying way is a danger, is no fun.
But walking through life unending young by being a living one,
a loving one, the one with the unity song,
means being the power of the truly strong.

All the systems, my friends, are falling to pieces
by denying the love and unity planet call.
But when we give up systems for the better we are bringing
to earth the dream-magic of the young and strong.

Banka gangstas and killer politos by themselves don’t want to stop.
Together let’s wake up and do the young job.
Listen to the magic and its wisdom of unity and love.
At every moment all can change and truth will be there for all.

No system is needed: Love and unity are enough.
Unhappiness on our planet by no way is a must.
Revolution to be true must be sweet like me and you,
must be love and unity pure and no more acting the fool.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany