Talking Solution! (World Union Is The Solution)

Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia:
World Union is the solution!
The fake crises staged by politos and bankas have only one aim:
to create cheap and mindless slaves for the rich.
Politos and bankas are not on the side of the people.
They only want to misuse and manipulate us.
They don’t want to do anything for us.
They want to establish a global two-class rich-poor society
and not human unity.

They want dictated poverty,
enforced jobless rates
and control over land and water to keep us down to the ground
without freedom of mind, movement and expression.
The people are the work force, they don’t create financial crises.
It’s all hypnotism and a bluff for scaring us into submission.
The people must use their work force themselves,
for their freedom of unhindered expression
and bring to an end misuse of politics and economy.

They must bring to the parliaments
the movement of the people
for correcting the mistakes of outdated party systems.
They must establish laws leading to the creation
of the United States of Planet Earth
for bringing peace, jobs, equal wages,
free health care and education to everyone on earth
on the way to a better future.
World Union is the solution!

There is no crisis!
World Union of the people will liberate all of us
from the fake crises staged by politos and bankas
created for scaring us into submission, poverty and slavery.
There is no crisis of the people of the world.
There’s only the ethical crisis of polito-corruptos and banka-gangstas and their foul play.
Politos and bankas are just a fraction of the billions of people on earth.
Once the billions take a stand for the billions
the rule of polito-banka falsehood is over
and humanity, fairness, goodwill and unity
will reign for the good of all,
for mothers and fathers and their children on this planet.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany