Tender Anarchy (by Mirakali)

Wild is our light, strong our courage.
We are fighters, we turn the passion on
till it explodes bright like a supernova.
Fiery is our love, brave our comrades.
Our friends are faithful,
breaking all limits.
Our goal is great, we know
and we will reach it for sure.
Nothing can stop us, the victory is certain.

Tender Anarchy for freedom fighters
who want love and delight.
Love should reign the world
and nothing else.
No politics, no religions,
no wars but Tender Anarchy.

Love alone should rule the world.
Love and peace are a mighty team
to bring paradise and heaven upon earth.

Strong is our love, sweet our bliss.
We are fighters, we turn the passion on
until it explodes bright and illumines the universe
with a new light of ecstasy
that changes all into a kingdom of love.

Tender Anarchy and everybody loves
and will be free.
Tender Anarchy of our souls.
Tender Anarchy is our glorious goal.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany