The Ballad Of Faust

Come gather ’round people, a story I’ll sing
of blood and love and dirt:
Faust is the man who had a girl
that found him in the cold.
She gave him a heart of blood and love
and took him to the place of warmth –
like a mother she sang. A girl she was
from innocence born and to Faust she came.

Faust was initiated by the dark side
of his demon of hypnotizing pride
that gave him the excuse for sexual abuse
and sent his soul into hellish night
where only his girl could save his life
by fucking Styx and becoming Charon’s price.
Like Ygdrasil now she was embedded in his soul
and after coming from there Faust pushed her for more.

But shadow Faust now was embraced by her
and the might of her bright light.
And all was changed by her love
giving Faust the melody of life.
She made him play the guitar free
and danced for him as his girl.
Like a dream she danced. A girl she was
from innocence born and to Faust alone she had come.

Her womanhood was pure,
the rare female aspect,
the ocean side of her,
the oceanic woman,
the anarchic Faust
that was one with his girl.
Like a mother she was. A girl she was
from innocence born and with Faust she had grown into one.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany