The Dream Is Strong (by Mirakali)

For a free life.
Heroes of the future,
a life strong with love
for a free life,
for a free world.
Fighting for love,
winning with the kiss of delight,
with never ending joy.

The dream is strong,
young, powerful yearnings.
Your dream carries you wide into the light
on fiery wings of trust.

You are here for a free life.
For a free life are we born.
Every day begins for the chance
to explore all the wonders and adventures of a free life.

Liberate yourself from all chains.
Break out of your prison.

You will never be happy
when you can‘t feel the warmth of friendship,
the bliss of life and the wonderful feeling
of loving and living a free life.
Freedom comes from within.
It begins there where love is the acting power.

Be courageous. Leap into the unknown.
Don‘t be shy, don‘t be weak.
Don‘t follow the babbitts that never want to be free.
Follow your heart and follow your dream.
The love-direction leads to freedom.

Freedom in yourself and freedom for the world.
Freedom for everybody, freedom for the earth. For a free life.
The light shines bright on the horizon.
Don‘t be afraid.
It will shine even brighter when you open your eyes.

Open your heart
and you can feel the earth and all life
living on her.
Your heart will feel the warmth
of the heart of our world.

Become free yourself
and the world will become free as well.
Be the future
and the world will change into the better.
Be a loving being and love will come back again
for a happy and peaceful and free life for all.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany