The Song Of Restlessness (by David Butterfield)

Out there in the vastness on a
day like now and then, I talk
about the sun with the moon as
only lamp. I talked a longer
while, feeling restless and who
knows, maybe I’m still talking
and the vastness has become
a room with four white walls,
a table and a chair, a floor
where I could lay down if the
story gets too long. The
restlessness sometimes makes
this boring face, you know.
I saw it in the mirror, I said:
“Hey, this is not mine.”

This restlessness somehow not so
easy to appease, claimed I owe
it much and I certainly am not into this
kind of argument when bigger tasks they call
demanding full attention, not an endless,
useless talk.
“Task, I come, I’m ready, in good shape
and active mood.” A swift good-bye
to restlessness and on and on I move.
When I come home at night, who stands
waitin’ at the door? “Where have you
been so long?”, I hear, I smile and
walk inside.

For someone who’s not rolled the dice and
other funny stuff, no average customer of
the shopping mile of life, looking out like
you on this world and crazy time, asking
the question “What really can be done?”
This question goes to work with me, is
pretty company. When it says it is exhaustive,
we both have to laugh so hard. Returning
home we know who is waiting, so we take
restlessness into our arms saying “Hi, how’s been your day?”

Lyrics & Music: David Butterfield administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany