There’s Nothin’ Like You

There’s nothin’ like you all over this world.
There’s nothin’ like you, you are my precious girl.
There’s nothin’ like you, you are the real pearl.
There’s nothin’ like you,
you are heaven and not hell.

You are the sunshine
when everybody says it’s bad.
You are the wild thing
when everybody is only gray.
You are so tender
when things happen that really hurt.
You are true to yourself, you are my friend.

And I know what really matters.
And I know it’s always better
to go straight through all this weather
that rumbles and is a-burnin’
with hail and heat and churnin’
of the ocean of confusion
when there’s only one solution:
To be, to be in love with you.

And when the wind is blowin’
freely through your hair
and golden is the moment of kisses that will stay.
And sweet are the lips
that say the words that care
and show the direction that counts on this earth:

Then it’s all my mornin’ that I give to your all.
Then it’s all my yearnin’ that burns in your soul.
Then it’s all magic and the happy day
of love that never ends,
knows the golden way.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany