Various Girls

When my soul cries at the end of the day
dreamin’ of something beyond all the seen,
feelin’ the passion of you and me.

It’s then that I tremble like a leaf in paradise.
My heart is enchanted, mystic the real.
I’m with the magnificent in various girls,
I revel in them like a swimmer in the sea.

Only yesterday you told me you’ll always stay,
that you wouldn’t turn to no other man,
would never cheat me and all that is great.

The mystery of time is always there.
Most of the things come from the somewhere
When you don’t expect them, they make you dare.
I enjoy all of them various girls.

It would be a mistake to anticipate.
Tomorrow probably is better than today.
Sure, it’s better if you stay.

If the unseen wouldn’t be so near,
one could cheat memories easily,
kill the dreams.
Some do it, others never see.
Various girls for various ways to be.

Things enter your brain or don’t.
Words there are many, do they really count?
Your pleasure is revealing, pulls you out.

Electricity of you, the thrilling ray.
What’s your creation, how long will it stay?
It’s extremely interesting, the unknown way.
Like whirling spheres I
move with various girls.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany