What The People Want Is Simple (Hope For The Best, Take Care For The Worst)

Economic report worse than expected.
Drugs goin’ legal, is that the answer?
Private security companies
are the new armies takin’ care of you.
Will they take over? Well, they could.

Armies are there everywhere
and enormous amounts of money
are at stake. War on terror fails.
Hope for the best, take care for the worst.
Is Camden, New Jersey the American nightmare?

It joined the world’s many towns without money and pity,
with criminality rising higher and higher,
with drugs, prostitution and robbery.
Tech-messing of brains can not heal that.
People, be yourself and show that it’s not the future.

There’s nothin’ to say expect to be great
in endurin’ against falsehood and resistin’ the mess
of mental confusion and unhappiness.
They aren’t the truth, are not what people want.
What people want is simple: People want to be
united, free and strong with jobs and money.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany