World Union (by Mirakali)

And the sun rises once more.
But today it is another dawn.
Nothing is the same.
All has changed.

All mankind has come together.
Brothers, sisters, friends and lovers,
they all stand together to help each other,
to lend the helping hand, the caring thought,
the warm heart that understands,
the mind that is free,
free for all to be enchanting and self-giving.

World Union and freedom and peace sing everywhere.
All pain and war has ended, all hunger and suffering is gone.
Finally it was possible to save the earth
and all beings that live on her.

After long times of darkness, betrayal and lies
mankind succeeded to take another turn.
Now we are ready to build a new world.
It will be a new earth,
green and beautiful.

Everyone shall be free,
with all possibilities
to unfold his own, hidden skills.

Love shall be the living key,
the star that‘s giving light,
the sun that gives all warmth,
the power that gives us strength.

World Union and no one will ever be alone again.
And we will need no money any more.
Everyone is helping all and is true
in giving and enjoying
the happiness great and freedom of all.

All ego ambitions have left the place.
Now joy and creativity are there
to do together the good, the best, the right, the vast.
We no longer will need politics.
The strong will help the weak
and will protect the sweet and the tender.
No suppression, no violence.

World Union means love.
World Union means freedom. It is peace.
World Union is the soul of the new world and it needs
the souls of heroes for its way into the future.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany