Young World

With me it’s the young world: power sweet and cool.
I give you the young world, you don’t need foolish rules.
Swappin’ addresses, handynumbers,
intuitive dating, gettin’ on well.
Well, I look at your back,
enjoyin’ your passionate world.

With me it’s the young world, firecracker style.
There are many things that never lie.
The smokeglass window lowers and there you are.
You are the issue
and you want to be my star.

With me it’s the young world.
I show you eyes wide open.
I give you the young world with lips moist and warm.
When you awake I hold you
and you know to be my home.
We are in tune with love
and love is god newborn.

With me it’s the young world uncovering your secrets.
There are a million buttons, not just one, baby.
Drivin’ in a white dream out into the dawn.
Under streetlights we are kissin’
and are the passionate ones.

With me it’s the young world, sensitive and true.
I can take your breath away, your illusions too.
I can touch your nipples like a flower with a thought.
Well, I look at you walkin’ naked through every door.

With me it’s the young world, I finger your hair.
I’m touched by your words and inspirations great.
With you it’s a good floating through all temptation-scenes.
You are the orgastic woman and I’m your Cyberstream.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany