Young is your smile, young is your light.
It is comin’ from our future bright.

Unending is the story, it just began.
Oh, how much I love, love your dream.

Young is your look, young are your moves.
The story of love sizzles through and through.

Young are your curves, bright is your hair:
golden waves of felicity.

Young is your rhythm, young your sensation
when we explore worlds of love-expansion.

Young are the colors, young and smooth
the embraces, the kisses, your energy groove.

Emotions that only belong to us
suddenly explode into the world around us.

Young is your touch and when you laugh
it is happiness that flies with space-time warp.

Young is your heart, young is the beat
of freshness conquerin’ with the feel.

I hold you so sweet, love you so deep.
Together we see infinity.

Young is the star, young our heaven,
young our paradise-sensation.

We are together and forever move on.
Young forever, forever we are one.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany