Michel Montecrossa

The golden voice and artist of peace, power, love and happiness

‘Happiness Is True’ Climate Change Concert

The ‘Happiness Is True’ Climate Change Concert, released by Mira Sound Germany as double Audio-CD is Michel Montecrossa’s 21st climate change concert of the Happy Future and Climate Change Concert Tour 2010. Performed in the Omnidiet Music-Hall the concert presents 28 poetic acoustic ballads, cyberrock and dance-electronica songs including the dance-electronica title song ‘Happiness Is True‘, the rockin’ ‘Girl Encounter Rock‘, the cyber-metallic ‘I Found Them All Drunk Again‘ and great acoustic ballads like ‘I Am A Happy Man‘, ‘It’s The Ball‘, ‘No Slump In Love‘, ‘Talkin’ Future World‘, ‘We Are Singers Three‘ and ‘Birth In A Cathedral‘.
Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute great songs like ‘Heroes Of The New World‘ and ‘Earth Experience‘.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“Happiness is perfect for future building.”

‘Happiness Is True’ Concert preview with selected songs: