‘My Christmas Dream’ Audio-Stream & Audio-CD Album with 10 Peace and Love Christmas Songs by Michel Montecrossa

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‘My Christmas Dream’ is a special release by Mira Sound Germany on Audio-CD of 10 Peace and Love Christmas Songs by Michel Montecrossa produced together with Mirakali and The New Chosen Few. ‘My Christmas Dream’ is a masterpiece Audio-CD featuring Michel Montecrossa’s revolutionary genius way of Christmas Songwriting. He sovereignly goes beyond all clichés of this genre and opens for the listeners a new level of experiencing Christmas Music and Lyrics of an awesome depth of insight, wisdom, emotion and humanity. Michel Montecrossa again stands in the high light of outstanding songwriting and poetic excellence that easily communicate profound messages to a global audience in his own inimitable way of true soulfulness and compassionate generosity.

The 10 Christmas Songs are:

Strong Is My Christmas Dream
A song that turns to every woman and man and child, to every nation, country and race, to everything and all of the whole wide world with love and the message of light and hope.

Sweet Magic
Sings of the transforming sweet magic of love and her tender might leading us to happiness, freedom and joy.

Calm Beauty
Based on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam it is lifting a fold of the veil that hides the infinite knowledge.

Angel Nation
The Angel Nation are all those who can see and feel the Bright Earth and are open to her love.

People Of The Bright Earth
We all can become people of the Bright Earth through freedom spontaneous, the action play of love.

Divine Child
In the sudden light of insight we are the divine child, the healing wave of life, the unutterable moment with no long, last hour.

Love’s Oracle
It sings with the voice of the child of love of a world forever new with freedom pure – our freedom!

I Feel At Home In Your Embrace
Sings of the place where all ends and all begins.

is a healing and peace giving song for times when we need reflection and tender loving care.

The Day Is Comin’
When we all will know.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“‘My Christmas Dream‘ are ten New Christmas Songs of Peace and Love for giving Strength, Joy And Confidence.”

The Songs (Click the song title to read the lyrics):

  1. Strong Is My Christmas Dream
  2. Sweet Magic
  3. Calm Beauty
  4. Angel Nation
  5. People Of The Bright Earth
  6. Divine Child
  7. Love’s Oracle
  8. I Feel At Home In Your Embrace
  9. Engelslicht
  10. The Day Is Comin’