Ballad Of Lost Dreams

I sing you now the Ballad of lost Dreams,
of men in search of their identity.
I sing you now the Ballad of how to be
a man of love and true belief,
a man of hope and of power,
bringing gold into a world of iron.

I sing you now the Ballad of Lost Dreams
of men in search of Love’s Infinity.
I sing you now the Ballad of how to win
a battle of life and final relief,
a game of failure and of success,
bringing more than any world can be.

I tell you next, love’s forever free.
No need she has for freedom, for it burns in her.
You may ask why and I tell it clear:
Love herself is all that freedom needs.
Love’s the key to my Ballad indeed.
I say it’s the key to any other key.

Now I saw a man drivin’ hard through a stream.
A man, I say, of forbidden dreams.
And somewhere in the distance I saw a world,
so deep as is the Truth’s Infinity.
And conscious is the way, and Beauty is the kiss,
naked is the wonder and naked is the Bliss.

And I tell you, friend, you must be even as he:
not turning the wheel but turning the key.
The soldier in the distance may then be so near
as is the warmth of your lover to your sea
of wide unhindered light of soul and ecstasy,
of power from beyond the planet’s mystery.

I’m still into the Ballad of Lost Dreams,
waiting at a station with no rails leadin’ in.
The Ballad is a-hangin’ on the wall of any belief,
the windows are open when I suddenly see,
the train rollin’ in on no rails
and a white dove above sailin’ its way.

Me I gather now the meaning of lost Dreams,
how they come to live and how they tend to drift
into heights of free directions and the abysms of your god.
The truth is always moving through your years and through your ways
of not becoming any dwarf of false mistakes,
but being the sinner of the adventurous way.

I dared for you the Ballad of Lost Dreams
sung for men in search of Identity.
I gave you something of how to be
a man of Love and mighty belief,
a man of hope and of power,
being gold and no more a child of iron.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany