Damn It!

It’s screamin’ and I miss you.
Just wanna be near to you and kiss you.
Damn it, baby, somethin’ s missin’.
It’s near and yet so far, things are driftin’.

At the end of the trail someone’s speakin’
with the tongue of love but the room is freezin’.
There’s the heart and the brain, there’s the feelin’.
Damn it, baby, next time you have to tell me

what you see when you are dreamin’.
I’m not dreamin’, I am lovin’.
Damn it, baby, no need for sorrow.
I am here, I’m today not just tomorrow.

Hundred people got killed somewhere.
I’m happy with you, the earth is still there.
Damn it, baby! Yes, we are lucky!
Damn it, baby! I know that you love me!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany