Earthly Adventure (by Mirakali)

Born into a world of chaos,
destruction, hunger and pain,
a world of idiots and liars.
You have the chance to turn towards your soul
to find a way out
of all the struggle and hate.

Earthly adventure for those
who have a living heart,
a heart with burning love,
a heart of courage and honor.
Earthly adventure for the sweet and strong.
Feel the bliss, feel the power, feel the kiss.

Born to be strong. Born to be bold,
for the hour when god comes to you
to ask you what you want to do.
Do you know where is a way,
what is the solution?

Are you ready to move your ass?
Or is no-solution your only cry?
Earthly adventure for those you can love.
Who has a heart that can feel,
a heart that can see what we need?
But what will you do? What is your solution?

The night is darker than never before.
But tomorrow the sun will rise.
The next dawn will be bright.
But will you be alive?
Earthly adventure for the freedom-fighters,
for lovers and consciousness-riders.

Do you seek for truth?
It‘s so simple and close:
Love is the answer, love is true.
Love is the greatest power
upon this earth
and is earthly adventure‘s clue.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany