‘Love Revolution’ & ‘Space Age Drive’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert

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The ‘Love Revolution & Space Age Drive’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert, released by Mira Sound Germany as double Audio-CD and DVD are Michel Montecrossa’s eleventh and twelfth message concerts of the Courage & Love Climate Change Concert Tour 2009 presenting 33 songs, including the title song ‘Love Revolution’ and great rock songs like ‘Suck It Out’, ‘Exploring The Universe’, ‘Logo-Girl’ and the profound electro-acoustic version of ‘We Are The Others’.
Mirakali contributes message songs like ‘Dreams In The Sky’.

About ‘Love Revolution’ and ‘Space Age Drive’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Love revolution is the only revolution worth the trouble.”
“Space-age drive is bound to come if we want to survive. The answers are in the wideness, not in smallness.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Love Revolution
  2. Courage Girl
  3. Clarity
  4. Alternative Future
  5. Space Age Drive
  6. Brutality Is No Solution
  7. Check In – Take Off! (Be Part Of Your Own True Solution)
  8. Stardance
  9. Cyberrock Girl
  10. Future’s Challenge
  11. Suck It Out
  12. Cosmic Eyes
  13. The Spacewalkin’ Woman
  14. Dreams In The Sky
  15. Exploring The Universe
  16. Fire In Our Hearts
  17. Heartlight
  18. Freedom Rock

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Logo-Girl
  2. Like An Angel Of Light
  3. Rocket On The Space-Age Track
  4. Burnin’ Energy
  5. Earthly Adventure
  6. Cyberangel
  7. Spacefire
  8. Timebody Rockess
  9. Sexy Earthling
  10. Beyond The Nightsky
  11. Star Rock Rap
  12. The Heart That Beats Like Yours
  13. Galaxy
  14. Dream Of Delight
  15. We Are The Others