Sexy Earthling (by Mirakali)

Face smiling, expressing feelings
living within, hidden in his heart,
waiting to be awakened by a sweet kiss
or a warm embrace that kindles your romantic fire.

Sexy earthlings, mysterious thingies,
juicy for alien girls who like it strong.
But earthly love is so fantastic,
flies with you into glorious heavens.

Sexy earthlings, groovy comrades,
tender on the way to explore bliss.
Pushing forward and back
with ecstatic fire,
knowing how to reach paradise.

Sexy earthlings know how to love,
how it feels when you are wet.
If you know how to handle
they can satisfy you
and they are really good.
But the greatest one are you.
Sexy earthlings for mysterious adventure.

Sexy earthlings and the earth becomes sweet,
with your pleasure and love
she becomes joyful and free.
Darkness disappears, happiness will win.

Love and sex for the free
with sexy earthlings delightful and tender,
with magic power of liberation
that gives room for the new.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany