Like An Angel Of Light (by Mirakali)

Sunset dreams and what do you feel?
The sky seems to be infinite.
How infinite is your inner sky?

A whispering melody near to your ear.
What is the melody of your secrecy?
Warm hands touching you soft,
can you feel what is real?

Is it your soul? The soul of earth?
The soul of this universe?
It‘s warm inside, a good feeling to have found
your twin-soul that understands all and shows you
the secret treasures hidden in a body‘s movement
on its way to discover ecstasy.

Is it your body or the body
of our planet, or the body of this universe,
is it something you understand?

And suddenly you open your eyes
and you look up into the sky.
Bright light of your dreams flight,
shining golden like an angel of light.

Somebody calls your name,
a voice whispering of your faith.
But what do you believe?
Is your faith infinite?
Can you see your angel of light?

Stars have appeared by now.
You can see their glory when there‘s glory in you too.
You can feel the strength when you too are strong.

You can understand and help,
you can forgive and love as long as you are alive,
you can open all doors to paradise
to see the angel of light.

Sunrise, the night fades away.
Better open your door and open your eyes
to see the dawn of the angel of light.
A whispering voice near your heart, whispering of love.
A warm body embraces you with tenderness.
Can you feel what the future brings?

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany