The Heart That Beats Like Yours (by Mirakali)

Wisdom comes to you when you feel the warmth.
More precious than all the treasures of this world
are the treasures of your heart you carry within.
Nothing is comparable to the song you hear in the heart

that beats like yours. So near, so warm, so tender, so strong.
We walk upon the earth and love the land, the wind and sunshine.
We walk beneath the sky and free is our mind and life.
We travel through life looking for the home that gives us shelter, that gives us warmth.

But nothing can be more precious
and more warm than the heart that beats like yours,
so close, singing the same melody
like your own soul.

We cross the river, we reach the other shore, feel every stone under our feet,
we see the flowers on the meadow of joy. The children play there in the fields of peace
and learn how to be good, how to listen, how to see the preciousness of our mother earth
that gives us life, a body, a soul. The future like a sun ray sparkling on a wet leaf.

Nobody can tell you what will come, but it will be better
when you know the loving heart that beats like yours.
Some people call it love, but it is for sure the most precious thing
you can ever find in this universe.

And still you listen and hear the song
of the heart that beats like yours,
singing of nature, of the woods and trees, of a land
that is beautiful and should it forever be.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany