Fighters For Love And Freedom (by Mirakali)

Wideness of the land, wind in your hair.
Storm on the sea, storm in your heart.
The falcon on your wrist, wisdom in your mind.
Power of your courage, power of your soul.
When you fight for love, when you fight for peace
your heart must be strong, your heart must be free.

No hesitation, no doubts, no depression, no failing.
There are many illusions and many misleaders
trying to blind you and make you weak,
that you may lose sight of your way.
Never give up. Let nothing stop your dreams.

Fight for your love, fight for your freedom.
Be a strong dreamer, strong lover and good friend.

And when you are naked in front of the crowd
be proud of what you have found
and what you will be in a future that comes
with our affiance in love and her invincible power.
You surely will win and be strong,
surely you‘ll see the light of the glorious morn.

Fight for love, fight for peace, fight for freedom, fight for your dreams
with the Glory of your soul, with the strength of your heart
that knows the way and choose the good that lives in
all of us.

Tell the Golden Light‘s story rising from within you.
Listen to the wind, listen to the land and ocean.

Understand that we all are one.
One heart, one soul, one ocean, one love.
We all are united in one dream that the future brings.
Fight for love, fight for peace.
Fight for freedom, fight for your dreams.
Never forget who you are and what you bring
into a world that needs the fighters for love and peace.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany