From Honeymoon I Started Into The Open Years

From honeymoon I started but too many around me
want to sterilize all they do or feel.
With my hands in my pockets I stand against the wall:
From honeymoon I started, into the open years I roam.

I’m a lover with a spaceship and a universal home.
People all around me are invited to my dawn.
There is hope and glory and no more wounded souls
when I feel your love and it’s you who turns me on.

What’s right between us two for the world is the clue.
Love and Freedom, honey, for everyone are true.
Love and work and freedom and peace and happiness
together we can handle, together we won’t forget.

From honeymoon I started into the open years:
no more sterilizing of all we do or feel.
Enduring youth is smilin’, is drivin’ young and old:
From honeymoon I started, into the open years we roam.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany