Happy Dance

I’m a-happy, I’m a-lookin’ for the sweetest girl in town.
I’m a-happy and a-lookin’ for the happy dance tonight.
Are you the happy lady, are you the sweetest girl?
Are you with me till mornin’ showin’ all you can?
Are you my happy dance?

I’m a-thinkin’ about a butter cup, full of love
exquisite, all-important, ready for the touch.
Dreamlike and real, open and wet.
Perfectly exposed to all that says ‘yes’.
You are happy with respect.

When all the world is ready we’ll have all the time.
Experience is waitin’, experience is kind.
You are not complicated, have no divided mind.
Together we are happy, together sweet and wild.
We are into the action to make it all work.
Consciousness expression for satisfaction straight.
You are my happy date.

It’s the happy dance, the liberated feeling.
It’s all about enjoyment, sizzling and smiling.
It’s runnin’ up and down the pleasure ladder.
The windows of our mind are open for the better.
Thanks to nature our bodies are the place
thrilling with delight of orgastic space.
You are all my happiness.

I’m a-happy, I’m together with the sweetest girl in town.
I’m a-happy and am dancin’ with her all night long.
Yes, you are the happy lady, you are the freedom-girl.
You are with me till mornin’ showin’ all you can.
You are my happy dance.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany