Heroes Are Great (by Mirakali)

Heroes are great and you are one.
Courage will never lose,
honor will never fall,
strength is there wherever we are.
Heroes are great. They are true to love.
They are always strong.
Strong with heart and soul.
Impossibilities are illusions.
Nothing is impossible.
Perhaps today you can‘t imagine
to reach your goal.
But tomorrow it will be true.
Perhaps you forgot how to grow every day.
But I can tell you this is true strength:
Never to give up, to move on, to grow, to be young
in every cell, in all your emotions, in your conscious awakening.

It does not matter how many times you have surrounded the sun,
you are young when you feel to be it.
Heroes are great with their destiny
to move beyond the limits,
to forget all pain and to be great.
Every hero has a dream
that gives him the power.
His dream gives him strength
to overcome all difficulties.
Every hero dreams of love.
A love that is eternal and divine.
A love that is always at his side.
Every hero needs freedom.
Without freedom there is no greatness.
Without freedom there is no goal,
no courage and no hope.

Wherever he might be,
his love gives him a home,
a place to which he can return
even if it is in his soul alone.
Heroes are great and you are one.
Now is the time to be strong.
Heroes are great and we know
together we will never be alone.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany