My Sweetest Woman

When first I came into this town
adventure there to find,
a damsel there from somewhere else
was pleasing to my mind.
Her rosy cheeks, her ruby lips
like arrows pierced my soul:
I knew she was my woman,
the splendor of the morn.

I courted lovely sweetness,
adored her smiling eyes.
She turned unto no other man
which deeply pleased my mind.
She robbed me of my heavy feel
and showed me the unknown:
and I love my woman dear,
the splendor of the morn.

Down in yonder shady grove
I walked in tune with love,
conversing with my sunray-gold
we felt like flying doves.
And the answer that she gave to me
was bright and true and warm:
I love my beauty-woman,
the splendor of the morn.

I stepped up to touch her with
a flower in my hand.
She flung her arms around me and
I boldly kissed her when
I had the feel of heaven,
I felt it in my soul:
and all for my sweet woman,
the splendor of the morn.

Some moments last forever,
truth will never part.
Love is all the meaning,
Love is like a star
leading us forever
to our secret goal:
I love my sweetest woman,
the splendor of the morn.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany