Never Give Up (by Mirakali)

Wild feelings chasing us through the streets.
It rains cats and dogs
and the night is falling down
like a forgotten memory.

Naked girls dancing over there
enjoying to be young and sweet.
Their long legs move with desire.

Their hair all wet like their bodies.
A car speeding up with howling motor.
A guy who has lost the sense for reality.
A freak lying there on the ground
trying to sleep in all this mess.

A black cat snuggles around your shoes
guessing that it’s you
who loves her so much
that you take her to your place
where it is warm and dry,
filled with some sweet dreams
and a corner with a cosy place,
where she can sleep this night
until the break of the next day.

You take the wet cat in your arms.
“What else should we do this night,
with our wild feelings“, you said.
“Never give up. You are not alone.
I take care of you.“

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany