Road Angel Rock

Road Angel is a sweet and lovely girl,
she is like a bird of heaven,
dancin’ through the world.
She makes me feel at ease
in the morning with a smile.
Road Angel is my girl,
my superwife.

Road Angel, Road Angel,
never go away.
Road Angel, Road Angel,
we are strong, we will stay.

Road Angel is a hot and sexy woman,
she moves like a flaming vision,
looks like a blazing star.
She makes me feel so groovy
naked in her leather of love.
Road Angel is the woman
always rollin’ on.

Road Angel, Road Angel,
never feel alone.
Road Angel, Road Angel,
the road is our home.

Road Angel is the wise and happy soul.
Her heart sings like a river,
her mind is bright and strong.
She gives me all the freedom
of a life beyond the walls.
My dream is a Road Angel,
I’m her rebel and her Lord.

Road Angel, Road Angel,
always rockin’ on.
Road Angel, Road Angel
with a gentle heart so warm.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany