Strong Love, Strong Life (by Mirakali)

Love is always strong.
Love understands everything.
Love grows fast into infinity.
No limits, no weakness, no insanity.

Strong love leads to strong life.
Where love is, there is courage.
Where love is, there is freedom.
Love gives life and peace,
happiness and bliss.

Love is the true power.
Love is the artist,
the singer and dancer,
the creating strength.

Love gives birth,
brings children upon the earth.
Love leads to world unity.
Love is humanity.
Love is the precious treasure in every heart.
Love knows the divine
and moves towards the light.

Love heals all wounds and gives you trust.
Love forgives and unites
and helps and works together.
Love gives you shelter.
Love is the friend
that holds your hand
when you need help most.
Love gives you comfort
in moments of tears.

With love you are strong
and it gives you certitude
to overcome all obstacles.
Love gives you the warmth
you need to survive.
Love is the future and leads you
straight into paradise.

Love is the honey of bliss.
Love is the beauty-kiss.
Love is the wonder-key.
Love is victory.
Love is the fighter
that never gives up.
Love is the smile of heaven,
is god‘s present for us
to find our way back home.
Love is consciousness.
Love is oneness.

Love is always brave.
Love gives everything.
Love flies wide into infinity.
Endless, immortal, free.

Strong love, strong life is our way.
Strong love, strong life, that are we.
Strong love, strong life is the key.
Strong love, strong life is the mystery.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany