The Deepest Level

The deepest level is where we all meet –
the deepest level and all that we seek.
It’s all about confusion, it’s all about solution,
it’s all about no more talkin’.

The deepest level is in the middle
of all that has to be changed.
What do you want to say? Lend a helpin’ hand!
The deepest level, I say, will make you learn.

To stay together means to be strong,
means to live for peace and sing its song,
means to be helpful, means to be kind,
means to be young with a freedom-mind.

The painting of truth is in your soul.
You must find it to know the all.
In the depth is the treasure,
secrets are there on the deepest level.

When the beast is conquered and the dragon slain
the treasure of love will always stay.
We can be together, no more have to fight
and darkness no more is hiding the light.

Great is the beauty of the deepest level.
It’s real if there we win the battle.
We are all there and so is the earth.
There it is where we find the new birth.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany