Cybergreen Breakthrough

Cybergreen Breakthrough into the light,
into the light of life, into happiness wide
of the conscious power from the other side.

Cybergreen Breakthrough, intelligent and wise,
outside of the normal, beyond the common line,
deep inside the wonders of the comin’ time.

Every was is ending with peace,
peace of destruction or peace that leads
to peace of freedom and unity,
to peace that touches us with love that sees.

Cybergreen Breakthrough is what we need
to find tomorrow, to find the key
to change the climate into the good and real.

The planet is living and so is our mind:
nature and humanity can be unified
through Cybergreen Breakthrough drive.

Cybergreen Breakthrough is the conscious child
born for creating a new paradise
where resources are used to evolve a greater life
in tune with the rhythm of kindness bright.

Cybergreen Breakthrough knows the universe,
is open to all that saves the earth,
her water and soil and atmosphere.

Cybergreen Breakthrough is life and soul
acting as a body of the wonderful
untouched by terror of the stupid and false.

Every madness gets killed by itself,
every error must yield to the hell
from where it came or understand
the power of the genius of change.

Live in the future, it is your home
if you know how to always move on.
The Cybergreen Breakthrough is there for all.

Cybergreen Breakthrough on the space-age flight:
With my Cybergirl I can touch the light
of the joyful power from the other side.

Love is always bringing the true,
the true tomorrow with no taboo,
the true understanding, the happy mood.
The Cybergreen Breakthrough gives the power to do.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany