Firestar (by Mirakali)

Fire on the horizon, glorious new light,
dawn of a new world for a glorious new life.
Humanity rises from the depths of darkness
to the power of love that conquers the world
without violence, without brutality.

Firestar inside our breast, burn high and bright.
Firestar, burn bright, burn wide into the new light.
with fire that burns when love awakes,

the fire that heals with tenderness.
No blind illusion but truth of god and light.

It gives you warmth,
gives you refuge.

There is future, there is the world
to which you belong.
On the day when ends brainwash-prison life

the walls will break down of dogmas and lies,

man will be free to find the way to the well deep inside,
where are no lies, no hate, no walls, no jails, no pettiness.

Firestar inside your dreams:
awake to reality!
Firestar of your destiny:

fullfill what we need
through the warmth of living and loving hearts.
Free, forever free should love be.
Free, forever free should life be.
There is always a choice, there is always a chance.

Don‘t throw away the wonder of a life
into the throat of the money-, sex and power-play.

How precious is life when you love.

How beautiful every moment at the side of a friend
that understands you and your dreams,
that understands you and all you feel,

seeing the same light that rises with the new dawn,

feeling the same fire burning inside your breasts.
Firestar burn strong and stronger until the new morn.

Firestar burn bright and brighter until the new world is born.
Glorious and strong the race of futuremen that will come.
Saving, healing, protecting without violence

but with love and warmth that gives refuge, gives hope
and the chance to turn around towards
a life free of all ugliness, free of all hate,
misunderstanding and mistrust.

Firestar burn bright with our inner light.
Firestar glorious and strong, you are the future song.

It gives you warmth,
gives you refuge.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany