Starbringing Heroes (by Mirakali)

A new world is born and
heaven rises from the earth’s deepest ground
high into the light.

We have made the sacrifice
to ascend towards the supreme.
Let love increase with mighty fire,
with passion, with power.
Let us begin the work with courage
to build up a new world.
Let us give expression
to the worlds of our souls.

They have come from the heavens upon earth,
finding a passage from here to there.
Strength and longings at our side,
love and bliss our perfect friends

for the birth of heaven upon earth.
Delight discover the newborn,
visible in the waters,

in the sky, in the glorious land.
In the wind whisper the words of ancient seer’s song.

And all will be new, fresh with joy, strong with the change
of a rising light inside mind and soul, body and life
and all are newborn:

Starbringing Heroes come home
from their journey into the wideness of the universe.

And the starship reached earth
and we welcome the starbringing heroes.
They bring with them what is living inside their hearts.

They were in the midst
of the heart of galaxies.
They travelled along the path
where stars find their way.

Pure light in their birth.
God gave them a body
made from his dreams and power
to carry them into the now,
to touch the bliss.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany