Cyberrocker Ballad

He is playin’ guitar free for the girl and her charm.
He knows the worlds of the unifying chant,
the song of peace in her heart.
The messenger he is of the truthful word,
the universe of mighty soul.
The light he is, shinin’ on every road,
love he is, flowin’ through the wonderall.
Cyberrocker he is of the coming earth.
Reality he is of the blissful birth.

He knows the female secret, the road of deathless hope.
Of vision he sings, so tender,
knows the moment of gold.
Lover he is and friend,
bringer of peace in God.
Nature and wisdom reveal in him
what others forgot.
Cyberrocker he is of the coming age,
thrilling is his kiss of the newborn day.

He stands for liberation
of consciousness and love.
He is the mighty warrior
of truth that isn’t hard.
He is the gentle breeze,
friendly on your skin.
The power he is that saves,
compassion that always wins.
Cyberrocker he is of the mighty light.
Reality he is of all-embracing life.

He is playin’ guitar free
with tunes of the inmost need,
knowin’ the world is empty
without oneness energy.
He feels what he says
and says what he feels.
Wide are his dreams with the magic bright
that heals the pain, dissolves the night.
Cyberrocker he is of the coming dawn.
Smile he is of the immortal One.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany