Diving Into Cyberspace (by Mirakali)

Diving into cyberspace, diving into oceans of light
like a dolphin‘s dance in tender waves of grace,
moving with golden bliss of your soul‘s happiness.

Feeling every movement like ecstatic fire
transforming the body into light,
feeling eternity like your embrace
caressing me with immortality.
Feeling a new heartbeat,
feeling a new life,
a new reality, new dreams, new intensity.
Diving into the heights of brilliant golden light.
Flying higher than ecstasy, flying free, forever free
into a new life, a new reality.

Transformation and bliss, glorious love and intensity
of being and living, of dreaming and becoming are the key.
Diving into cyberspace, diving into a galaxy of light
carrying our heartbeat from time to time.
New ages will come,
triumph and glory of new heroes
that will be born in a future
where never have been shadows or pain,
where never have been tears.

A world where love and light are creative with all joy,
giving it all for a new dawn.
Feeling the whole world at the same time.
Feeling the melody of cosmic fulfillment,
singing with galactic streams of infinity.

In the future will be no walls,
nothing that can hinder you
to be what you are,
to become what you want.

Diving into cyberspace with a smile,
believing and knowing with heroic certitude
that love will always win.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany