Sweety Girl

Sweety girl, you are with me.
Sweety girl, your hair of gold flows free.
Sweety girl, your eyes are deep blue seas.
Sweety girl, your curves are sensitive.

Your lips are like a dream,
when you do it, I feel at ease.

Sweety girl, when you turn to me
you are like a breeze bringin’ summer and the beauty feel.
Open are the skies with you and me.

Your hands are exquisite,
your fingers touch me smooth and warm.

The night is rich with melodies.
The moon is tellin’ of destiny.
Naked you are the mystery.

When you kiss you show eternity.
You give your soul with your body-bliss.
You are the wonder, the sweetest kiss.

Sweety girl, when the lights are dim.
Sweety girl, with the diamond ring.
Sweety girl, with the pearls of bliss.
Sweety girl, with the seducing kiss.

Time with you fades away.
You have it, there’s nothin’, nothin’ to say.

Sweety girl won’t kill the dream.
Sweety girl, magic of the king.
There are flowers and power-scenes.
Warm is the meadow with your skin.

Your vision is the light.
We are the kind fire and the lovin’ might.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany