Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride

I just keep smiling, just keep flyin’,
I’m changing roads all the time.
The thunder of skateboards in my ears,
I’m a-thinkin’ of love and of her.

It’s not over, she is not gone.
Next time we’ll meet, we’ll do it strong.
Her heart with the beat of desire and more.
Her wishes, longings and intensity moans.

I feel the power between my legs
goin’ up the wall, ecstatic effect.
Jettin’ through space, speedway attack.
I’m a-thinkin’ of sex, of you and of flesh.

It’s a good feelin’ meetin’ you there
hot in your pants, wind in your hair.
Your mind exploding with passion that burns.
You want it, you show it and I am your friend.

It’s a good day for a hard one, you know.
Zip it, release it, make it all go.
Your pussy is pressing, opening up,
wants to feel it, wants the touch.

You want me to grab your leather ass.
Take you up, tightening sack.
Then you unzip, juicy wet.
Pull it in: the rockhard erect.

It’s all a wonder how people survive
by watching only televised lies,
horny on crime, sex-deprived,
jackets and war, tombstone-nights.

But you want to spread your muscular legs,
want to feel the pulse in your breasts,
want to be woman beyond control,
want to show pussy, kiss energy-balls.

Come on, sweet lover, let’s take a shower,
make your body into a flower.
You want to be exciting and true.
You want to hold me, that’s for sure.

You are a woman through and through.
You want to follow wherever I go.
You are young, givin’ hope and youth.
Your eyes don’t lie, your love is the proof.

Take me, take me into your arms.
Hold me, hold me, o so strong.
Do it with your power-tongue.
Love me, love me always more.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany